Monday, November 26, 2012

Organized Home: Day 11

Today's challenge was easy -- especially since I skipped the picking up part! We spent Thanksgiving at the coast and arrived back home yesterday afternoon. After 5 loads of laundry, I didn't feel like cleaning up much today! I did go through my silverware drawer though and it is a bit cleaner and neater now. Sorry for the shiny pics -- I didn't take time in adjusting them because it was already after 9pm!
You probably can't tell, but I got rid of the steak knives that aren't sharp enough to cut the meat here (is any knife up to that task?!), three "jungle" spoons, a plastic fork, and 3 plastic spoons. I left 4 of the 10 Sharpies there since that's what I use on my calendar. I'm hoping I remember to use the chopsticks the next time we have BeNi rice!
As far as Day 10, the kids feather-dusted all the light fixtures in the house and that's as good as it got!
Even though I didn't organize a whole lot today, I did sew for 2.5 hours! That was fun and now Carolyn's stocking stuffer is ready! I'll get a pic of that next week.

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