Monday, November 5, 2012

My sister made me do it!

Ok, so maybe it was my idea to work on this challenge together. But it was her idea to blog about it! We're organizing our homes together even though we're 5,618 miles and 4 time zones apart and separated by the equator.

Today's challenge and the results:

1.) Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.
I read the challenge after getting dressed, but I was comfy so didn't change. Capris and a t-shirt are pretty standard around here.

2.) Sit down with a cup of coffee and make some goals for the week.
It was too late in the afternoon for coffee, so I had iced hierba luisa tea. Yum! I did make a list of almost a dozen things to do this week -- that's pretty much the same as goals, right?

3.) Set the timer for 15 min and clean the main areas of the house.
I am blessed with more than I really need and have two major stacks to take care of in my bedroom. I'll get on those right after I post this.
But I did straighten up the living room -- which is more of a school reading room!

4.) Clean out your purse or diaper bag.
Whew! This one was done on Saturday so I guess that leaves me a few extra minutes to put things away in my room.

We have a big birthday here tomorrow -- my boy turns 13! I did a lot of food prep this afternoon so I can have more fun time tomorrow. And, no big cake to make like in years past since he requested pumpkin pie!

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