Wednesday, October 30, 2013


by Carolyn
Yesterday I went with my friend to ride horses at El Refugio. They have two horses. The younger one is named Española. She is quite fast so my friend rides her. The older horse is a boy named Dakota. He is a very slow horse so I get to ride him. We rode in the mist on the mountain. Boy, did it get cold!  

We followed a trail that went very high. I had a lot of fun riding Dakota and being outside. Later we rode double on Española. Española galloped fast and because I was in the front, I got pretty squished! It was a good day and, even though my legs are sore today, I hope I can go again next week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dan's take...

Just thinking...
In BSF we are studying the Gospel of Matthew, and we have reached the Sermon on the Mount.
I am continually struck with is how much Jesus justly brings out the demands of God's good and perfect Law. And as I contemplate that good and perfect Law I see myself fall so short of His standards. And then I think about Grace, that undeserved favor of God. And I am so thankful, amazed and thankful that I can call God my God, not because I have followed perfectly the good and holy Law, but because His Grace, through the work of Jesus Christ, qualifies me (yes, even me) for Heaven.

Parque Bicentenario

I took the kids to the new park at the old airport in Quito last week. The park's official name is "Parque Bicentario" but we call it "The Old Airport Park." We had a great time walking around in the sunshine and fresh air. It is a very strange feeling, though, to walk on the old airstrip and stand on the white "X" in the middle of it. We kept an eye out for any stray airplanes, but didn't see any.
 (Note to Uncle Rand from CBR: Please don't land here!)
 Sometimes I have too much fun embarrassing Andy. Did you notice how he's not so short anymore?
 It's a new park with some old trees that are perfect for climbing.
But, the next time I go to the old airport park, I really want one of these
so I can cruise up and down the old airstrip.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

On My Table

About a year ago, I had a creative Lego centerpiece on our table for a number of days.
(We were on a Gilligan's Island kick at the time!) 

Shortly after that, I found this coffee bean and candle idea on Pinterest and copied it.
Today, these science project stalactites were on the table. We've enjoyed watching them grow for more than two weeks and decided that today they needed to go.

Stay tuned to see what appears next on our table!

For more fun family table time ideas, see my friend Sharon's blog.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

La Pampa

by Andy

Recently I have been helping with a ministry in an area called "La Pampa." I usually help with running the songs. I go there almost every Saturday to help out. It lasts from about eight in the morning until noon.

This summer I helped at the Vacation Bible School they had at the same location. A mission team from Washington state came and helped. I was the "Americans' Most Wanted" for translating!

Friday, October 4, 2013


The Jungle
by Carolyn

I have gone to the jungle twice now. In July I was there with a work team from the United States. The team helped build a Sunday school house in Arajuno. I helped set tables and cook in the kitchen. I was working with my old Sunday school teacher.

We got a bird in August and named him Matt. He is a blue parakeet and he really likes to sit on shoulders. Matt likes dad's shoulder the most, because of dad's whiskers. (He pulls them out!)