Sunday, October 20, 2013

Parque Bicentenario

I took the kids to the new park at the old airport in Quito last week. The park's official name is "Parque Bicentario" but we call it "The Old Airport Park." We had a great time walking around in the sunshine and fresh air. It is a very strange feeling, though, to walk on the old airstrip and stand on the white "X" in the middle of it. We kept an eye out for any stray airplanes, but didn't see any.
 (Note to Uncle Rand from CBR: Please don't land here!)
 Sometimes I have too much fun embarrassing Andy. Did you notice how he's not so short anymore?
 It's a new park with some old trees that are perfect for climbing.
But, the next time I go to the old airport park, I really want one of these
so I can cruise up and down the old airstrip.

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Jena Webber said...

So much fun! Your willingness to be that fun mom is going to be what keeps your family close. :)