Friday, October 4, 2013


The Jungle
by Carolyn

I have gone to the jungle twice now. In July I was there with a work team from the United States. The team helped build a Sunday school house in Arajuno. I helped set tables and cook in the kitchen. I was working with my old Sunday school teacher.

We got a bird in August and named him Matt. He is a blue parakeet and he really likes to sit on shoulders. Matt likes dad's shoulder the most, because of dad's whiskers. (He pulls them out!)

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Mrs D said...

Is he talking yet? Looks like you have a nose? Keep saying the same thing to him and he will talk. Fun!

Did you know Mama Judy is here? She brought Washington's rainy weather with her! She's out with Great Grandma now.

Good to hear from you!

XO Mrs. D