Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 4

Here's the BIG before and after of the day!
 Oh, wait! That's too far before! But wasn't he cute?
A more recent Before:
I did clean out under my bed a bit, but there is a reason I have a bed skirt! I found three glass blocks under there and they'll soon be ready to use as Christmas night lights. Also found some framed photos that need to be cleaned and hung up soon. Swiped my bathroom, but it gets a pretty good cleaning on Mondays.

The roosters next door woke me up at 5am today, so I had a list made before coffee and breakfast. Three things are done so far and hopefully three more will be taken care of before bedtime. Money Saving Mom's challenge of getting dressed isn't a challenge for me, but I'm glad she doesn't say anything about how early I can put my pj's back on!

1 comment:

BEFFY! said...

What a cute little boy!!! I miss that baby!
I'm really bad at getting dressed. If we don't have anywhere to go we are all happy to stay in jammies! All 4 of us are today! Haha!