Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Granola Class

Dan and the kiddos are in the jungle and someone took the memory card out of my camera. Today would have been a great day for pictures since I had a "granola making class" with three Ecuadorian friends. We finished the granola and moved on to chocolate chip cookies. They were so thrilled and obviously not in a hurry to leave, so we also made pizza! Hopefully the gals will be able to handle reading, measuring, and mixing on their own at home.

We had a great 2 months in the US. One big event was the wedding of Dan's niece.  
Dan officiated his niece's wedding.

 Andy (right) and his cousin were ushers and helped out with several other set-up jobs.

  Here I am with my nephew and niece (not the one who got married!).

 Carolyn wore a dress (!) and looked very cute and comfy.

We visited in Iowa and Washington and will share more pictures later. And hopefully someone gets some good pictures of the their jungle trip!

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