Friday, December 7, 2012

Days 17-20

I'm not very good at blogging every day. Could it be that my to-do-list is already kinda full?!

Day 17 The bathroom didn't need 15 minutes of cleaning. The "new" little blue tote system from Day 9 is working great and keeping our things in place. I only needed to swipe the sink and wipe the dust off the shelves.
I cleaned out the "fire place pantry" instead of a kitchen cupboard for two reasons: one, it needed it, and two, the Christmas dishes need a temporary home! It's nice to have the Christmas dishes nearby and easy to get at since we have fun using them this time of year.

Day 18 I didn't vacuum since that job is taken care of for me on most Mondays. I cleaned out my shoe area of our closet and passed along four pairs that I haven't worn in ages. I didn't work in the kids' closets since that's a weekend-type project!

Day 19 We don't have trim around our windows nor do we have baseboards, so I skipped today. There are ledges under our windows, but they weren't dusty. (That's a miracle!)
Today was a holiday here -- Quito Day! Some of us wore red and blue in celebration, though the two nationals I greeted with a "Feliz Dia de Quito" looked a bit confused. Maybe it's a custom thing.
Today was December 6, which means there were goodies in the stockings this morning! We cut out some cool paper snowflakes after school.

Today was Day 20 -- the last day! -- of the Organized Home challenge. I skipped cleaning out the medicines since I did that back on Day 9 when I majorly cleaned my bathroom. This morning Dan and the kids helped put together buckets for the Quito Prison Ministry. They were gone until after lunch, which worked great since I had cupcakes and a cake to make. Pictures coming soon!
I also cleaned the other 3 bathroom vents so that's done now too. I guess the challenge now is to keep things neat through the holidays!

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