Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quito Zoo

Since Andy is on spring break this week and Grandma is visiting from the US, we decided to check out the Quito Zoo today. We saw a lot of animals native to Ecuador and a few "imported" ones, such as the kangaroos. The kids (and the 5 other adults who went along) had a great time feeding carrots to the cows, donkeys, goats, sheep, and guinea pigs.

Two of the girls who went with us are from the jungle (Gladys and her niece Sara). It was hilarious listening to them as we walked by the animals. They would say, "We have those in the jungle. They taste good!" or "We have those too. They eat our chickens!"


BEFFY! said...

ha! i dont know which pic is the best...geovani feeding a cow, babes feeding a sheepy, or andy screaming 'cause his hair is being pulled out!

The Tribe Talk said...

Loved the post. Enjoyed the pictures!

HopiQ said...

Hi there! I'm so excited to see your blog, and I just love all your pictures. I'll be visiting often.